Operacion Bitcoins: About the scary, incredible, and inspiring crazy story.

Not only that, but the Interpol also said that the person accessed to the bank accounts of other people and extracted money from there.

And not only that, they also said that the person was cloning credit card.

With that information, assuming it was correct, the police did a great job arresting a dangerous cyber criminal. He surely had to pay for all those crimes. The person could cause much more damage to innocent people.

This is what triggered the investigation that made them trace the person. According to the police, they traced the IP address of an email with an extortion that person had sent, and they localized his location.

The Interpol in a radio interview also mentioned that this person visited sites related to hacking, cryptocurrencies, and sites related to those crimes they mentioned he committed.

Well done. The Interpol did a great job. Congratulations. That person must pay for his crimes. That is my opinion based on the information released.

But there are certain things that are curious and don’t make sense in all that, but they are probably due just to the way things were redacted.

By the way, the arrested hacker was me. and I have to mention some tiny details that make the story completely different than what was told. Everything is a big lie. They wanted to arrest a person, not find the truth. I was the trophy they were looking for. But they never considered that I am nobody’s trophy.

I will never give up on this case that destroyed my life but made me stronger, and I have the determination to change a system full of flaws so called “justice”.