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Operacion Bitcoins: Login To HELL

Ebook cover - "Operacion Bitcoin" Login to HELL

In 2017, Alberto Daniel Hill discovered a security hole on a Uruguayan medical provider’s website. Several months after having reported the security issue to the appropriate authorities, the medical provider’s office was hit with an email demanding a large payment in return for the safe return of patient records. Alberto, being the only person tied to both the security issue and the location from which the email was supposedly sent, was arrested and charged with attempted extortion and unauthorized access to secret information.

The director of CERT had denied receiving Alberto’s report. Through shoddy policework and almost no accountability, experience the heart wrenching story of Alberto Daniel Hill, the first person ever to have been arrested for a computer related crime in Uruguay. Join him as he continues his fight against injustice and works toward changing legislation around computer crimes and how they are handled around the world.

This book is sold in .pdf format and is not eligible for refunds.