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“In 2014, Alberto Daniel Hill, an expert in cyber security, found a security issue in a medical provider’s website. In reporting the issue, it led him to become the first person imprisoned in Uruguay for a computer-related crime—a crime he didn’t commit, and one that probably never even happened.

Alberto, a hacker, was the perfect target for a judicial system that doesn’t understand cyber security or cyber crimes. Through police misconduct and incompetence, his life was thrown into upheaval, and he is still recovering from a system where there are no guarantees of a fair trial.

Rife with injustice and anguish, Alberto’s story doesn’t have a fairy tale ending. It is a lesson for Uruguay and the world to implement fair processes for prosecuting cyber crimes. Alberto’s tale will stand as a stark reminder of the dangers of a judiciary system that hasn’t caught up to the technology of the 21st century.“

I am Alberto Daniel Hill and this is my podcast about my story as well as tales, news and information about cyber security.

If you Hack, do you go to Jail? DARKWEB.TODAY – Hackers & Cyber SECURITY

A cautionary tale: An Ethical hacker jailed for reporting a serious vulnerability. It is very unfortunate how being ethical can still result in jail time. This is one of those stories. Be very cautious and careful with your skills. — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/darkwebtoday/message
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